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A professional dedicated service is our commitment to youAt Pre-emptive Strike, we can solve all your IT problems – before you even have them!

We get things right from the start, saving you time, money and headaches down the track. Whether it’s graphics, computers, software or training, we offer smart solutions that work for you now and into the future.

Unlike many IT companies that only possess expertise in one or two technology areas, at Pre-emptive Strike, we possess significant expertise in a diverse range of areas. This level of expertise allows our team of highly skilled and experienced developers, engineers and designers to design, build and implement solutions that incorporate the very latest technology to meet your specific business and application objectives. By delivering the right blend of function and design, Pre-emptive Strike can provide your organisation with a focused, scalable, custom solution.

We’re about seamless, total solutions that are tailored just for you, freeing you up to do what you do best.

If your business is small and on the move, we can take the pain out of your growth spurt. We’ll make sure your technology can grow along with your business. We can even design a corporate profile to help propel you forward.

Bigger businesses can count on us to meet the ongoing demands of the information age, from web design to e-commerce to the installation of fast, efficient computer systems with backup and disaster recovery plans. We take away the hassle by providing services that work – and keep on working – as your business grows.

We’re here to help you identify your IT needs, and find meaningful solutions based on where you are now and where you’re heading. We’ll implement them for you. We’ll do it without the jargon. And we’ll get it right the first time.

Our team of professionals include:

  • Hardware engineers
  • Software engineers/developers
  • Graphic and Web Designers

Pre-emptive Strike's client base has been growing steadily. The buttons at the top of the page allow you to view:

  • a selection of our clients and the work that we have done for them,
  • an outline of the services that we provide.

Complete Internet Solutions

An increasing number of our clients have had web sites for some time now and have come to the realisation that, in order to be successful on the internet, the web site must be more than simply an online advertisement for the business. At the very least, it should entice potential customers to develop an interest in and contact the business. Ideally, it should even allow them to purchase goods and services directly from the business.

We can now offer a complete internet solution tool called Pre-emptive Plexus, which allows you to update and customise your website easily online without the need for specialised web design software. You can either add Plexus to an existing web site or our experinced web designers can design one for you and then integrate it with Plexus.

Included in Plexus is:

  • Online web page editor allowing you to update text and images on your web pages
  • Easy-to-use administration facility allowing you to add and remove pages from your web site while automatically updating the navigation system.
  • Secure e-commerce facilities enabling your customers to purchase your products in a safe online environment from your web site
  • Online subscription form to allow customer to subscribe to regular updates and newsletters
  • Bulk e-mail distribution allowing you to send newsletters and updates to your subscribers
  • Hosting of your web site on our secure internet server.

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