Customised Business Management Solutions

A selection of clients who have utilised our customised business management solutions to meet specific requirements:


Shire of Plantagenet Recreation Centre Member Database

Design and development of a management database that utilizes barcodes and scanners - members must have their card swiped on the way into the centre, and keeps a record of membership renewals and provides custom reports to managment for the analysis of data.

Shire of Plantagenet

Albany Plantation Export Company

Design and development of software to run the weighbridge. Trucks are required to drive over the weighbridge on both arrival and departure, with the weight difference recorded as the weight of logs delivered. The software, which is web based allows for staff at APEC to produce detailed reports on truck movements, invoices and individual plantation reports.

Total Harvesting Document Management System and Intranet

With offices spread around Australia, Total Harvesting required a web-based Intranet that gave all of their employees access to policies and procedures, forms, document templates and accident and HSE incident reports and logs. They are able to log incidents when they happen, with followup and reports being produced when needed.

Total Harvesting

Kalgan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

The Kalgan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade required a system that could be easily accessed by their members, volunteer firefighters, committee members and the general public. They required various levels of access to the information, from general public access to secure access for committee members to critical information. We designed a web-based solution that allowed login access, with different logins allowing access to the required information. The general information for the public was available on standard web pages, which could be edited by the site's administrator easily through the administration console. This has been of significant benefit to the KVBB as their firefighters and members are able to access critical information at precisely the time they require it and then create detailed reports from the information fed back into the system.

View the Kalgan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade Web Site

Pilbara Joblink Skills Audit

Pilbara Joblink required a database which enabled them to enter the skills and educational levels of the local Indigenous populations. The information gathered was extensive and the purpose of the database was to enable the corporation to best match existing skills with jobs that were being advertised and to also highlight skills training and further education that was needed to improve the employment opportuinites within the populations.

Pilbara Joblink

Jewel Hair Point-of-Sale

Jewel Hair required a database that uses a pre-defined set of services all with costs associated with them. It manages several customer transactions at a time and consultants can record what services were used by a customer, including colours and custom specifications by the customer. The sales stay "open" until the consultant has finished with the client and they are then closed, with the database producing a tax invoice for the customer detailing all of the services used. A report is produced at the end of each day detailing all sales and totals - all tied to individual consultants.

Jewel Hair
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