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plexus2 can be used to power web sites and/or databases for Internet (World Wide Web, or external) sites and intranet (internal) sites.

At Pre-emptive Strike, our aim is to provide you with as much flexibility as we are reasonably able to achieve YOUR objectives. We provide high-quality, cost-effective design and hosting services, but we do NOT lock you into using those services simply because you decide to power your site with plexus2.

This section outlines options that are available to you for powering your site with plexus2. However, if you require a combination of options that is not listed here, we will be happy to prepare a customised quote for you upon request to info@plexus2.com.au.

Hosting Packs

plexus2 Hosting Packs provide cost-effective bundles to satisfy a wide range of common web site and small-to-medium database requirements. You can choose the pack that best suits your site and budget. All hosting packs allow you to update your site from any Internet-connected location ... and you don't have to worry about setting up or maintaining your own server.

Web Essentials Value Database Communications E-Commerce Deluxe
Edit Page Content Yes
(max. of 2)
Yes (configured with XML) Yes Yes Yes
Add and Remove Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site Navigation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enquiry Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database-linked Enquiry Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo/Image Galleries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Polls Yes Yes Yes
Events Calendars Yes Yes Yes
Secure E-Commerce Yes Yes
News and Blogs Yes Yes Yes
Site Search Yes Yes Yes
RSS Feed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Support Yes Yes Partial Yes Yes Yes
Custom Databases (option) (option) Yes (option) (option) Yes

Self-Hosting with Server Packs

If you need to power an intranet site, or deliver information from your own servers, you may prefer to purchase a plexus2 Server Pack and host it yourself. Further information on self-hosting can be found under Server Packs.

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