Give your business the professional and customised web site that it deserves.

Our experienced designers and developers can provide a solution for your business that fits - not some off-the-shelf or templated product that you need to squeeze into, but a web site that is professionally designed and customised for your individual business.

At Pre-emptive Strike, we deliver excellence in terms of dedicated and business-centric web solutions. We are specialists in terms of customized web services that accommodate scopes for futuristic support and give you the option of starting small and adding features such as e-commerce, photo galleries, news items and much more as you need them. Our team of expert web designers, software developers, graphic designers makes it possible to offer you wonderful web solutions that are both innovative and highly functional.

We will also totally optimise your site for the search engines - giving your business the best possible chance of being found.

Our list of satisfied customers is both extensive and growing. All of our customers' websites have been developed in keeping their existing corporate image and business practices - or if required, we have developed an entire new corporate image for them. Many of these websites are updated regularly by us at the clients request and many of them have gone on to add our web site maintenance tool, Plexus, to their web sites to allow them to update the sites themselves.

Find out more about Plexus - our Web Site Content Management and E-commerce Solutions...

Wild Eyed Press - an ecommerce web site using Pre-emptive PlexusYour web site must have all of the following attributes:

  • logical, structured lay-out
  • functionality
  • customers must be able to find their way around it
  • customers must be able to find what they need when they get there
  • visual appeal

Pre-emptive Strike's extensive web site and applications design experience, combined with our significant marketing and technical expertise, ensure that your business will receive the web site that it needs to be successful on the internet.

Internet (external) and Intranet (internal) Website Facilities

Pre-emptive Strike has the capability to incorporate any or all of the following facilities into your internal and external web sites:

Option Required Setting
Interactive and dynamic content Ask your customers questions. Provide client satisfaction surveys for them to complete and return to you electronically. The content of your web site can even change automatically to reflect their responses. Various options for using animated text, graphics and sound are also available to you.
Online product catalogues Put your entire product or service catalogue (or even just a portion of it) online so that your customers can search it and find out what you can provide.
Database integration

If you have a database of any kind that contains information that you think would enhance your business if it was on the web, we'll get it there for you. We can even provide you with facilities that will allow you to update it online.

The artsouth wa web site illustrates what we can do with your databases. This web site is dynamically constructed from a database that contains the details of the arts and crafts practitioners in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. It includes custom-designed search facilities and dedicated pages for selected artists. To maximise the exposure for all artists, every time the home page is redisplayed, a new piece of art is randomly selected from the database and included on that page with links to the details of the appropriate artist.

Hot lists and shopping carts Allow your customers to specify the products in which they are interested and automatically submit a request for further information or purchase them.
Password protected, restricted areas Allow your special customers to access parts of your web site that are not available to everyone else. If necessary, we can even set it up so that each customer sees different lists of products, services and prices.
E-commerce How much more money could you make if your customers could order from and pay you directly over the internet? The outstanding success of many new businesses can be directly attributed to their effective use of e-commerce.
Secure payment facilities Accept payment for your goods and services via the internet.
Custom applications Run custom-developed software directly from your web site. The software can be as simple or as technical as your needs require. We may even be able to convert software that you already have to run or be controlled from the web.
Product brochures Provide your customers with downloadable, electronic versions of your product brochures that they can view on their own computers and print themselves.
News and current events Keep your customers informed of what's happening in your company. We'll provide you with simple online facilities that allow you to update or change the news as often as you like.
Administration facilities Don't be dependent on your web site designer. Update the variable content of your web site yourself with custom-designed, user-friendly site administration facilities.

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If you have any other requirements or ideas, please do not hesitate to ask us about them.

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