About Us

Established in 2000, we are the IT Solutions Specialists .
At Pre-emptive Strike, we can solve all your IT problems before you even have them!

Pre-emptive Strike is a West Australian based integrator of networked computer systems. We design, sell, install and support complete networks solutions for small to mid-size businesses (SME's). In addition, we provide systems consulting and analysis, as well as solutions for Internet and e-mail access, and web sites.

Our services revolve round our customers' requirements so that you get exactly what you need to make your business processes more efficient. The key to our success is our ongoing commitment to meeting these needs for you within your budget.

How we can help you

We get things right from the start, saving you time, money and headaches down the track. Whether it's computers, networks, support or software, we offer smart solutions that will work for you now and into the future.

Unlike many IT companies that only possess expertise in one or two technology areas, at Pre-emptive Strike, we possess significant expertise in a diverse range of areas. This level of expertise allows our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and developers to design, build and implement solutions that incorporate the very latest technology to meet your specific business and application objectives. By delivering the right blend of function and design, Pre-emptive Strike can provide your organisation with a focused, scalable, custom solution.

If your business is small and on the move, we can take the pain out of your growth spurt. We'll make sure your technology can grow along with your business.

Bigger businesses can count on us to meet the ongoing demands of the information age, from the installation of fast, efficient computer network systems with backup and disaster recovery plans through to systems monitoring to ensure your network is protected and problems are identified before they can impact negatively on your business. We take away the hassle by providing services that work and keep on working as your business grows.

We're here to help you identify your IT needs, and find meaningful solutions based on where you are now and where you're heading. We'll implement them for you. We'll do it without the jargon. And we'll get it right the first time.

Our team of professionals include:

  • Hardware engineers
  • Software engineers/developers
  • Graphic and Web Designers

Pre-emptive Strike's client base has been growing steadily. The buttons at the top of the page allow you to view:

  • a selection of our clients and the work that we have done for them,
  • an outline of the services that we provide.


We carry Public Liability, Business Indemnity, Workers Compensation, Cyber and any other state or federally required insurance that will protect you and your business.

At Pre-emptive Strike, we're about seamless, total solutions that are tailored just for you, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Gordon Thomas, founder, Pre-emptive Strike

A selection of our clients

Shire of Kojonup
Albany Plantation Forest Company Ltd
Albany Plantation Export Company
Mount Romance Pure Australian Sandalwood
Shire of Plantagenet
Shire of Cranbrook
The Beach House at Bayside
South Coast Insurance Brokers Western Australia
Eclipse Bookkeeping
Alkoomi Wines
Westcape Howe Wines
Shuttleworth & Associates